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GJENDØD - Nedstigning - MC
GJENDØD - Nedstigning - MC

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BAK DE SYV FJELL - Bak De Syv Fjell - MCD
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Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Bak De Syv Fjell play a mix of folk and black metal. More accurately it sounds as if they took aspects of both and fused them together and created the style they play (for lack of a more descriptive term). In 1997 they released this gem, only available on a 7" format limited to 1,000 copies.
All of the vocals are clean and are sung very well. The male vocals throughout the entire release are excellent, really being the best element of the album. The female vocals seem to have great potential, however they seem far too dull to be there (this might be because of the production). They could definatley be livened up with a more crisp sound.
The title track "From Haavardstun" is the better song on the release. It flows a lot more than "De Siste Tanker", mainly because of the lack of the female vocals. I loved the drumming in both songs. It kept a nice quick pace throughout and fits in rather well. Guitars fit very well with both the vocals and the drums, adds excellence balance for the vocals. The whole production could be better, just like those female vocals it's kind of dull (as I noted before it's most likely the production).
The band has reunited and are supposedly working on creating the debut Bak De Syv Fjell album. It's been a good ten years (at the time of writing) since this one came out and nothing since. I can only imagine how good the vocals will sound with better production.
I can't really describe the music much more than I already have, they are pretty unique. Or at least I haven't heard anything I can compare them to. 

Condition of CD is VG+

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NEBULAH - Dark Deister Demos - CD
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MONS VENERIS - Vastlands Of My Decayed Realm / A Maelstrom For Suicide - CD
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