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CEMETERY LUST - Rotting In Piss - CD
CEMETERY LUST - Rotting In Piss - CD

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DEATH SS - ...In Death Of Steve Silvester - Digi CD
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One of the most cult names in international heavy metal, Italy's DEATH SS have influenced thousands over the past three decades in their long, twisted history, equally influencing the nascent speed metal and black metal scenes with their trademark ghoulish and theatrical presentation. SHADOW KINGDOM couldn't be prouder and more honored to have DEATH SS amongst its roster, most of which have been shaped by the band in one way or another, and now unleash their most monumental works on CD, vinyl, and cassette formats.
Formed in 1977, the initial lineup DEATH SS would feature four "characters": The Death, The Mummy, The Werewolf, and of course The Vampire, who was frontman Steve Sylvester (and who gave the band their "SS" appellation). Guided by the hand of Sylvester, after a period of intense composition, DEATH SS would emerge in the early '80s with a handful of demos and the Evil Metal EP in 1983. Although that EP's title served as a perfect summation of the band's eerie, horror-laden sound, it was the band's debut album, ...In Death of Steve Sylvester, where DEATH SS would truly begin to cement their cult status.
Originally released in 1988, ...In Death of Steve Sylvester was quite unlike anything else around at the time. DEATH SS's foundation in '70s Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper was firm, but the way it emerged on their debut album put it into a league of its own. Intense and energetic and yet emitting an atmosphere fully suited to a horror movie, ...In Death of Steve Sylvester had one foot planted in the contemporary speed metal scene and another foot planted in a world seemingly beyond mortal comprehension. It was wild and weird and yet wholly heavy metal, and a stout reminder that unique inspiration breeds unique art. To cap their separation from modernity, the band cover their beloved Alice Cooper's "I Love The Dead" here.
Faithfully restored to its original sound and design, as per the band's specifications, hear DEATH SS's ...In Death of Steve Sylvester as it was meant to be heard!

Товар был добавлен в наш каталог Пятница 30 Ноябрь, 2018.
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