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CURSED MOON - Rite of Darkness - CD
CURSED MOON - Rite of Darkness - CD

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INVEHERTEX - Hacia El Vórtice - Digi CD
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Originally released last year in limited quantities, Hacia el Vórtice became an instant classic with those lucky souls who it easily bewitched, and Signal Rex strongly felt this special record needed a new lease on life. Grim and hideous, yet evoking an atmosphere simultaneously aeons old and far off into the future, Hacia el Vórtice is a staggering work of black metal magick. It is staggering not just in length – nine tracks in 78 minutes, with two tracks even topping 20 minutes – but in its vision, encompassing wild ‘n’ windswept black metal to amorphous ambient, from the harshest of contours to the most shimmering depths, all seamlessly threaded together with alchemical ease. That it is merely Invehertex’s debut recording boggles the mind, but the monument they’ve delivered here is one for the ages: boundless, brave, and brilliant in every sense of the word.

Hailing from Chile, Invehertex was born in the year 2013. It came into existence after the previous bands of Patricio Kusnir and Daniel Hermosilla ceased, leading to the decision to create a black metal project with a raw, cold sound – an influence borrowed from the old glories of the early ’90s. In the beginning, the duo started with a plethora of ideas, but most of them were discarded until two tracks forced their way into the repertoire, “Naufragio” and “Encuentro con el Ave Negra” – both were capture in early but unfruitful recording sessions. After that, Mauricio Hernández joined their ranks, completing the Invehertex line­up. Some time later, two new tracks which would be an important landmark in the process of defining the band’s musical horizons saw the night: “Aurora Magna” and “Hacia el Vórtice/”

The themes with which Invehertex deal point to the cognitive architecture that connect the band’s points of view regarding the mystery of the relation between the self and the universe according to ancient philosophies. They are in opposition, according to their perception of­ the synarchy of Judeo-Christian principles and all their variables that manage to camouflage themselves in the life codes imposed by universal hegemony. Thus, critical thinking, introspection, and the study of the mysteries of nature that precede us come forth.

Товар был добавлен в наш каталог Пятница 16 Февраль, 2018.
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HERETIC - Tape Traitors - 2xCD
HERETIC - Tape Traitors - 2xCD

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GOLDENPYRE - In Eminent Disgrace - CD
GOLDENPYRE - In Eminent Disgrace - CD

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HERETIC - Devilworshipper - CD
HERETIC - Devilworshipper - CD

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